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Our client Maxim Voronov scored a prestige goal against the leader of the Youth Football League-1 in Russia.

On May 4th, in the arena of the Ural Academy in Yekaterinburg, as part of the 8th round of the Youth Football League-1, the Ural-2007 team hosted the Krasnodar-2007 team, one of the league leaders in the standings. From the very beginning, our talented clients Vitaliy Bondarev, Maxim Voronov, and Klimentiy Sidorov started for Ural.

Several mistakes in the first half allowed Krasnodar to score 4 goals against the Ural team. At halftime, the teams left with a score of 0-4. During halftime and in the second half, the coaching staff of Ural made substitutions, which revived the attack.

The only prestige goal in the second half was scored by Maxim Voronov. Currently, in 8 matches, Maxim Voronov has scored 3 goals and provided 2 assists. Let’s wish Maxim Voronov good luck, and many more goals in the future.

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