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Last Saturday, April 20, Nizhny Novgorod footballer Artem Varganov etched his name into the history of the young Nizhny Novgorod team “Paris NN-2” as the scorer of the team’s inaugural goal. Naturally, we couldn’t overlook such an event and had a few questions for Artem.

– First of all, congratulations, Artem! Let’s revisit how this historic goal unfolded.

– After gaining possession, I joined the attack. I sensed the need to make a run into the opponent’s penalty area. Then came an excellent cross from Artem Yuran on the right flank, and I connected with a header, sending the ball soaring over the goalkeeper’s outstretched arms and into the far corner.

– To whom did you dedicate the goal you scored?

– I dedicated this goal to a girl named Ksyusha, who was supporting me in the stands at the Lokomotiv stadium.

– How do you rate the level of competition in the LEON second league B?

– The second league is highly competitive. It’s characterized by intense battles and physical play. More or less, all the teams are evenly matched in terms of playing level and physicality. We’re thrilled about securing our first victory. Now, we aim to maintain this momentum moving forward.

– How do you feel about the fact that Paris NN will host Dynamo Barnaul in their away match on Saturday, April 27, at their home Lokomotiv stadium (kick-off at 17:00), rather than playing away?

– It’s fantastic that we don’t have to travel to Barnaul. We’ll be playing at home, in front of our supporters. This is a huge advantage. Their support motivates us, and it propels us towards the opponent’s goal.

– What are your personal goals for this season?

– They are ambitious. We have a talented and cohesive team. We’ll be aiming to win every match and climb as high as possible in the standings. Personally, I aim to showcase my abilities in Pari NN-2’s matches so that the main team’s coaches take notice.

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