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Chertanovo Moscow’s Rising Star Yana Svistunova Attracts Interest from Barcelona and Fiorentina

Yana Svistunova, the promising midfielder of Chertanovo Moscow’s women’s team, has become the subject of keen interest from European giants Barcelona and Fiorentina. At just 18 years old, Svistunova has caught the eye of top clubs with her exceptional talent and potential.

Sources close to the situation have revealed that both Barcelona and Fiorentina are eyeing Svistunova as a potential addition to their squads in the upcoming summer transfer window of 2024. The allure of playing for such prestigious clubs is undoubtedly enticing for the young footballer, who has already made waves in the Russian football scene.

Svistunova’s emergence as one of the hottest prospects in European football has not gone unnoticed. With her remarkable skills on the field and impressive performances for Chertanovo Moscow, she has garnered attention from scouts across the continent. Her ability to control the midfield, dictate play, and contribute both defensively and offensively has marked her as a player with immense potential.

The interest from Barcelona and Fiorentina speaks volumes about Svistunova’s talent and potential impact on the European stage. Barcelona’s women’s team, reigning champions of the Women’s Champions League, and Fiorentina, a formidable force in the Italian Serie A Femminile, recognize Svistunova as a player who could strengthen their respective squads and elevate their performance even further.

Despite her young age, Svistunova has already made significant strides in her career. She has represented Chertanovo Moscow with distinction and has also earned call-ups to the Russian national teams, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability on the international stage.

As the summer transfer window approaches, all eyes will be on Yana Svistunova and the potential move that could see her make the leap to one of Europe’s top clubs. For now, Chertanovo Moscow can take pride in nurturing such a talented prospect, knowing that they have played a crucial role in her development as she prepares to embark on the next chapter of her football journey.

Перспективная звезда Чертаново Москва Яна Свистунова привлекает внимание Барселоны и Фиорентины.

По информации источника, полузащитник женской команды «Чертаново» Яна Свистунова находится в сфере интересов нескольких клубов из Европы.

Каталонская «Барселона» и «Фиорентина» заинтересованы в услугах полузащитника.

Напомним, что женская «Барселона» является действующим победителем женской Лиги чемпионов, а «Фиорентина» в прошлом сезоне чемпионата Италии заняла третье место.


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